Community members and business owners please remember that Victor is open for business. Construction going on in and around Victor for the past two years along with our economy has put a damper on business patronage in Victor. I used to stop in Victor frequently until the most recent bought of construction, then I, like many others began taking the Eastside Hwy around the construction. I’m grateful for the recent calls from a few of the Victor businesses to let RCEDA know that business was slow as it was also a reminder that the services I value and have taken for granted might not be there if we don’t support them. Most businesses in the Valley are faced with greatly reduced sales and Victor has gotten a triple whammy. Valley businesses are a key part of the communities we love, please rememeber to get out and support all the businesses and events to the extent you can. The next meeting scheduled in Victor to discuss construction and some of the ideas to increase business traffic will be held at the Hamilton House, July 13th at 2:00 P.M.

Call the RCEDA Office at 406.375.9416 or email RCEDA General Information