If you would like to add your voice to support the Stevensville waste water project that will provide municpal sewer service to area businesses and help retain good paying jobs in the Town and Ravalli County please send an email or a letter to Julie@rceda.org.
Please contact Senator’s Baucus, Tester, and Congressman Rehberg as well. Ask them to support the Town of Stevensville’s infrastructure application to the U.S. DOC / EDA and to the Montana Department of Commerce!

Suggested Language:

On behalf of the “your organization” , I am writing to express strong support for the Economic Development Administration and Montana Department of Commerce Community Development Block Grant for the Town of Stevensville’s waste water improvement applications.

In Ravalli County, EDA and CDBG play an invaluable role in helping our local communities create and retain high quality private sector jobs. An application was submitted to the EDA and will soon be submitted to the CDBG for sewer infrastructure funding in the Town of Stevensville. This project is to retain one of Ravalli County’s largest employers, Selway Manufacturing, it will also provide municipal sewer service to Bitterroot Tool & Machine (BTM). BTM is a company of 19 and their facilities are currently outhouses. The Town of Stevensville, in collaboration with Ravalli County has established the first  Tax Increment Finance District (TIFD) in Ravalli County near Selway Manufacturing. This TIFD will provide gap funds to the sewer infrastructure project, it took a year to put the TIFD in place and was the only way to fill part of the gap for matching funds to complete the funding structure for this project.

Please support these applications and bring the waste water systems in our Town to the businesses that provide good paying jobs in this community. These businesses can not continue to function without adequate infrastructure. The community and the State could lose these companies other neighboring states that will provide infrastructure.

Call the RCEDA Office at 406.375.9416 or email RCEDA General Information