Resources for Businesses

Ravalli County Economic Development Authority provides a full range of services and technical assistance, including lending, for business. We work with for-profit, non-profit, and cooperatives businesses that are just starting as well as those that are ready to grow. RCEDA offers business planning and technology classes such as Excel, QuickBooks, Word, and Keyboarding. The list is not all inclusive. If you need assistance with something that is not listed on this page please don’t hesitate to ask.

Training and Your Instructors

Meet Your Instructors

Classes Sponsored by First Interstate Bank

Classes Sponsored by NorthWestern Energy

Classes Sponsored by Farmers State Bank

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Special Workshops and Classes

Loan Programs

Revolving Loan Fund

The RCEDA established the Revolving Loan Funds (RLF) to realize key parts of its mission by lending to qualifying businesses for: new purchases or expansion, renovation, machinery and equipment, and working capital for existing businesses.

Western Montana Food & Agriculture Product & Business Development Center

Services Available or coming soon

  1. Product development, testing and analysis
  2. Regulatory compliance training
  3. Food processing – estimated opening September of 2019
  4. Business planning and development
  5. Market research
  6. Business networking
  7. Access to financing
  8. Cooperative development
  9. Education on industry dynamics and technologies

Technical Assistance

Following are a few of the areas where RCEDA can provide technical assistance:

1. Assist with business planning and/or feasibility studies to identify potential opportunities and/or markets.

2. Business intelligence / market research

3. Assist with business entity selection, i.e. S Corp, Sole Proprietor, Cooperative.

4. Referrals and networking; connecting businesses with resources.

5. Assistance in obtaining start-up funds or expansion funds.

6. Assist with capitalization plans.

7. RCEDA has four Revolving Loan Funds. *Call or email for application.

8. Project planning and implementation.

9. Grant Administration and Grant writing assistance.

Additional Resources

Montana Procurement Technical Assistance Satellite Center (PTAC)

RCEDA is a Montana Procurement Technical Assistance Satellite Center (PTAC) that helps businesses, state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations compete and work in government marketplaces. PTACs are funded by the Department of Defense and local host agencies. The center’s services are offered at little or no charge.

Selling to the Government Workshop in Ravalli County

Call the RCEDA Office at 406.375.9416 or email RCEDA General Information