$1.6 million EDA grant presented to RCEDA

Bozeman, Mont. (Monday, June 2, 2008) – After delivering welcoming remarks to the 2008 New Frontiers Conference “Propelling Montana Research,” U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development Sandy K. Baruah (right) and U.S. Senator Max Baucus (left) present a $1.6 million EDA investment check to Julie Foster, Executive Director, Ravalli County Economic Development Authority. Additional information By WHITNEY BERMES of the Ravalli Republic.

Bitterroot Composite Lumber Company

The Bitterroot Composite Lumber Company (BCLC), a locally owned corporation, announces the sale of public stock. BCLC will establish an extrusion plant in Darby, Montana that will combine wood fiber from small diameter timber and wood waste with recycled plastic to make a durable outdoor decking. With a sales pipeline in place, BCLC will market the sustainable decking product regionally under the brand name Montanadex.

“We are very excited to be finally through the process of getting certified with the Montana State Auditor for the public sale of stock,” says company CEO and co-founder Corrine Gantt. “We have been working on More >

Performance Award Received from Economic Development Administration

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) announced that the Ravalli County Economic Development Authority has qualified for an EDA planning performance award in the amount of $1,000. The award will be used to further the business plan for the Ravalli Entrepreneruship Center (REC).

Planning performance awards are given in recognition of outstanding collaboration and effectiveness in the planning phase of a project. This is the second year EDA has named planning performance award recipients.

Ravalli County earned an award for its business plan created with strong local collaboration and attention to following the, Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). Building on the region’s bio-medical cluster, More >

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