Multichannel  Merchant, a leading trade magazine published by Penton Media, inc. has released its Outlook 2011: Ecommerce survey results. The trade magazines subscribers polled were asked a variety of questions in the topic categories:

  • Mobile commerce
  • Web site rich media usage techniques
  • User generated content
  • Web site redesigns and function
  • Search strategies
  • Payments and security

The top 8 most valuable ecommerce marketing strategies may or may not surprise you.

Download the full Outlook 2011: Ecommerce report.

One making an analysis of these survey results would soon see that trends seem to waffle this way or that depending on the ever-changing dance that occurs between the merchant and customer. The thing that is most apparent in this survey and others is that in order to profit from marketing via the Internet, the business must not only be active in the planning and implementation of their day-to-day online marketing efforts but proactive in the planning and execution of future ecommerce endeavors.

The primary considerations in any online marketing campaign should include some pretty simple but necessary concepts. Whether the business is launching a new online endeavor or revamping an existing one, these elements are required.

  • Have a plan
  • Have a budget
  • Implement the strategy
  • Pursue the process (daily).

Marketing to your connected cliental or potential customer may not be of much interest to you. After-all you have a lot of other things that require your immediate attention. You already have a web site and it never has paid for itself.

Why then should you even think about making new plans or giving effort to an ecommerce marketing strategy? Here’s the thing! Over the years the Internet has gone from being a novelty in the 1990’s to the great marketing experiment during the 1st decade of 2000 to the 500lb marketing gorilla that it is today.

Taking ecommerce marketing seriously is important to any startup and for the success of your ongoing business activities. Making a commitment to any marketing strategy begins with making a plan. If you do not have access to in-house ecommerce business professionals, then you should seek them out. Before you do, hammer-out a realistic concept of what you want to accomplish and be prepared to declare your budget commitment.

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