Courtesy of RCEDA and the accountancy firm of JCCS

RCEDA has created the linked cash flow budget and instructions for those that want to be able to forecast their cash balances by the month for a year. Businesses need to know if their cash reserves will be adequate, especially given seasonal changes in income and expenses. It is also essential to plan for large purchases and when taking on debt to finance expansion.

Those business that complete the Excel cash flow spread sheet, according to the provided instructions, can then schedule a free 1 hour meeting with an accountant from JCCS to be held at RCEDA. The sessions will be at 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm, Wednesday and Thursday, January 25th and 26th. There are only 10 time slots available.

If you are interested, download and save the Excel spreadsheet and the instructions to your computer and follow the directions. If you have any questions, please call John at RCEDA, 375-9416.

Cash Flow Budget Directions
Cash Flow Budget Spreadsheet v 2007
Cash Flow Budget v 2013

In order to reserve a meeting time with a JCCS accountant, please call RCEDA at 375-9416. You must complete your Cash Flow Budget template in order to reserve a spot.

Call the RCEDA Office at 406.375.9416 or email RCEDA General Information