The Commissioner of Higher Education recommends that the Bitterroot Community College be denied. In a draft 184 page report of the Bitterroot Valley Community College (BVCC) District Proposal ITEM 141-104-R1108 | OCHE Analysis of Proposed Bitterroot Valley Community College the Commissioner’s section 2.4 Conclusion reads in part:

It is important to recognize that the trustees-elect in Ravalli County have had to engage in these planning activities without two critical assets: the expertise of an administrative team of community college professionals directed to do this work and a budget to support environmental scanning and data-driven planning. Given the voluminous and detailed documents prepared by BVCC-E on this and a number of issues, it is not a lack of dedication or effort, but a lack of resources, that no doubt accounts for the
shortcomings in their assessments of need and demand. At this point, however, both the needs assessments and the enrollment projections fail to give the confidence and clarity needed for solid planning at the community level and for wise investment at the state level. These deficiencies can be remedied but not within the timeline required to inform the regents’ recommendation and probably not within the timeline required for a Fall 2009 start-up of the proposed new community college.

On Thursday, November 20, 2008 at The University of Montana-Missoula, University Center Ballroom, 3rd Floor University Center, beginning at 9:00 AM the report will be presented. Beginning at 10:15 AM public comment will be taken.

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