Financial Training

Labor Law Poster

Please don’t be tricked in to paying for a Labor Law Poster from the these folks. Every year their “service” sends out an invoice and gets some employers to pay $89.50 for a poster that they can get FREE – 100% FREE from Bitterroot Job Service.

February Women’s Networking & Entrepreneurial Training

Karen McNenny will be our WNET presenter on February 28th at RCEDA. This is a presentation you won’t want to miss from Noon to 1:30, it is brown bag style.

The title of Karen’s presentation is “Keep Talking: How to talk about your business so people want to hear more.”

DESCRIPTION: How many times in a week are you asked THE question; ‘So, what do you do?’ This is a moment ripe with opportunity; you should embrace it. However, do you dread what might come babbling out of your mouth? Karen will help you discover what makes your business truly unique and More >